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Interactive Brokers CFD Trading

IBKR Pro (originally the standard service) benefits from a more advanced trading platform data spread, a wider range of tradable securities, and a very low margin rate. Both versions of the service can trade CFDs and benefit from a low $0 account minimum. Be advised that you’ll have to pay fees if your account is active for a certain amount of time. 

Other benefits include real-time trade alerts, cost analysis tools, and being able to control all your CFD and other trading options from a single window/account. This makes it easy to control your entire portfolio and make big plays in an instant, or just take stock of what you have entirely before making a decision.

The Interactive Brokers’ platform uses a set of smart routing technologies to calculate CFD reference prices so you can make better deals. Beginners trying to navigate this intricate trading market will love this feature.

All of these tools can be critical when trading CFDs because you might need to move quickly to take advantage of short-term opportunities or escape deals where your risk is a bit higher than your likely reward. With CFD trading, getting real-time information is very important for success.

Other benefits include a robot advisor (called IBot) and a portfolio analyst tool that gives you access to over 200 benchmarks.  When you consider the low costs for commissions and other fees, it’s an excellent CFD trading platform through and through.

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