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AlphaTradrz Vision.

Our vision is to create a platform for traders to access real-time market data, trading strategies, risk management techniques, and insights from other experienced traders. We aim to provide a platform for traders to connect and engage with other like-minded individuals, to build relationships and to share experiences.
We see our network as a community of traders, who support and encourage each other to achieve their trading goals. We envision a world where traders can come together to innovate, share insights, and explore new opportunities in the financial markets.

AlphaTradrz Mission.

Our mission is to create a collaborative and dynamic community of traders, who share their knowledge, insights, and experiences to help each other succeed in the financial markets. We believe that a distributed network of traders, spanning different geographies, backgrounds, and trading styles, can provide unique opportunities for learning, growth, and success.

Idea Meritocracy.

We believe in collaboration not competition, teams not individuals, constructive data-driven debate not dictatorship and learning not knowing. The best ideas come from safe team environments that encourage transparency, open-mindedness, speaking up regardless of position, reflective listening and a belief in the power of collective intelligence.

We aim to nurture this by empowering traders to create a culture that promotes psychological safety, candor, confronting brutal facts, permission to speak freely (within the laws of the country) and to enable iterative learning behaviors.

Trust, Transparency and Accountability.

Our distributed network of traders is built on the principles of trust, transparency, and accountability. We believe that by fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual support, we can empower traders to become more informed, successful, and confident in their trading activities.

Climate Change.

Whilst we are all trading the Financial Markets with the aim of making profits, it does not have to be at the expense of the planet. Climate Change is real and AlphaTradrz believe that any contribution a company makes is a step forward. Our step is to create our own forest that our community can be proud of.

Our Offering.

To support our vision and mission we provide a framework for our community traders.

"It takes collaboration to make money in the financial markets"

A message from the founder and creator of AlphaTradrz.

Founder and creator of AlphaTradrz

Mark Barclay
Founder & Creator

Having spent a large proportion of my professional life as an airline pilot with a national carrier, I have been accustomed to receiving some of the best training available from very experienced operators.
Once I had taken off my wings and moved to New York I started my journey into the world of finance and trading. I like many found it completely overwhelming with all the information found on the Internet, but where was the official information that would teach me properly to trade the financial markets. I didn’t know anyone, I couldn’t find a professional body where I could get definitive information and education, I was the seal in the shark net. I fell victim like so many and signed up for an extremely expensive course and I’m guessing you all know where that ended up.

Throughout my career as an airline pilot I spent my spare time in hotels learning to code and create websites and I did that since the beginning of the WWW (yes I’m old). It was this skill that found me working with Bradley Gilbert of Traders4Traders, he had been a Chief Forex Trader with Citibank and everything I know today about trading is down to him. I had a unique insight into professional bank trading that many do not experience. Thanks Brad.

As of today I have been trading for about 10 years now and of course still learning everyday, however I continued to see people falling foul to the risk of trading and feeling bewildered just as I did.  It was these observations that led to the idea of, a community driven ecosystem that would help answer all the issues I had when I started, others to talk to, trustworthy resources and smart people being nice and helping others and so AlphaTradrz was born.

If you would like to join and be part of a trading community that helps others and of course in turn yourself, then please sign up (its Free) and tell others.

I look forward to being your first point of contact.

Best regards,