Beta Tester Application

Beta Testing

We have spent thousands of hours creating this platform for day traders. If you are an experienced trader and want to get in at the beginning by helping us to shape the platform, then this is your chance.

You will test all of the site and provide feedback, in addition you will test the AlphaGems reward system and in return for your efforts you will receive a FREE AlphaTradrz NFT upon the pre-sale release, valued at US$200 which will include all the benefits of owning our NFT which includes a FREE US$100,000 funded account assessment.

You will be invited to a zoom call with our beta testers to make sure we have everything in tip top shape. If you interested please complete the form below and you will be given access 

Features of the website you will be testing.

The Trader Dashboard
The Trading Floors
The Market News
The Market Data
The Help Desk

Plus whatever else you find. After you have joined as a Beta Tester you will join the Beta Testing Group.